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Inari is about to start the next step towards its goal of becoming a top project in the wider crypto space. We wanted to take a moment to look back at where it all started and, more importantly, to where we’re headed next. Inari is an ERC-20 token deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, with a smart contract built around rewarding holders, disincentivizing sellers and offering protection in the form of a buyback wallet. After a great launch and fantastic community support, in the past month we’ve been busy building out an additional layer of utility on top of the token contract itself in the form of a community hub. Called the Den, it’s a space where members of the community can stay up to date with what’s going on, join events and help the community grow, all while earning points that reward you for participating. This was just the starting point, an example of what we wanted to achieve with our vision and now, as we head into the last quarter of the year, we want to show you exactly what we have in store to take these ideas and grow them into an interpretation of the metaverse that hasn’t been seen in crypto. Yet.

In order to envision Inari in the future, we need to think about the future of crypto itself. We see one where crypto will continue to grow and become adopted by more and more, both businesses and individuals. People will want to learn about and discuss events, show off their achievements, earn money, post memes and most importantly share in all of these experiences with others. We see Inari growing into a central part of this ecosystem, not “just another token”, but a token with a platform behind it so strong, that even non-holders want to come and join the excitement. This may sound ambitious, and it is, but we have a plan on how to get there, and we want you to be a part of it.

We are building a virtual world where members of the Inari community can login and interact with other members. This will be an MMOG-like experience, where every member has a digital avatar that they can control. You’ll be able to chat and hang out in the Den, build out and personalize your own in-game den, play games to earn rewards (both tokens and points), participate in events, show-off in public spaces and so much more. The foundation for this world has been laid down by our work on the Den. More than a game, it will be a gamified social network, all encompassed in the Inari metaverse.

How will this work? Anyone with a crypto wallet will be able to login and create their avatar, whether they are on their computer or on their phone. Once inside they will immediately be able to join the activities, chat with others or see what’s going on in the community. Certain areas and activities will be reserved for Inari holders, other perks will only be purchasable using the in-game points. We’ll be releasing details and sneak peaks over the coming weeks as we continue to work on it. Current Inari holders will receive access to the beta which we plan on launching by the end of the month.

This platform, engrained in the Inari metaverse that we announced last month, will be a “living world” into which we will be continuously releasing new updates and features. The possibilities are truly endless, and although we have a good idea with regards to some of the things we want to build (an NFT collection which gives special perks to your avatar, a place to show off your achievements to others, special community events where everyone receives rewards if a goal is reached to name a few), we will be relying on the community to come up with and vote on new ones.

Today, we’re kicking off the next part of this exciting journey. We will be announcing the winner of the very first Inari NFT through an event in which all Inari holders could participate. We are also releasing the Shop, a new section within the Den where members can exchange their points for both good and services. One of them will allow you to set a username for your future avatar (and it will already show in the current Den), the other is a way to exchange your points for lottery tickets, which will be held monthly and the winner of which will receive a big prize in Inari tokens!

The Inari Team, Follow the Fox 🦊




We’re the team behind Inari. We are working on building the most incredible community-focused Metaverse project out there!

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Team Inari

Team Inari

We’re the team behind Inari. We are working on building the most incredible community-focused Metaverse project out there!

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